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Key Features

  • Automatic operation
  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • Compatible with card readers, paper tickets, fingerprint, and coins
  • Infrared activated alarm
  • Automatically disabled during power outage for safety
  • Adjustable working mode and opening time
  • 5 year warranty


TypeBridge type for 1 channel
MaterialStainless steel 304# (1.5mm)
CompatibilityTwo sided card reading, paper tickets, fingerprint,  and coins
CustomizationAdjustable working mode and opening time
AlertsInfrared light activated alarm when infiltrated
SafetyAutomatically disabled in the event of power outage for safety
Passage Width600mm
Warranty5 years
Part Numbers
TS-FBB5-SMFlap Barrier (single movement)
TS-FBB5-DMFlap Barrier (double movement)