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Homeland Defense

Aventura Technologies has been actively involved in homeland defense initiatives working with its defense/integration partners and end user agencies on a variety of solutions around the country. Our mission has been innovation and flexibility adapting to ever changing threats and vulnerabilities. Countermeasures are created using baseline technology that is constantly assessed and modified.

Aventura’s expertise in video intelligence and long range imagery provide homeland security personnel with state-of-the-art tools. From borders to seaports there are Aventura solutions at every corner of our country.

Long Range Video Surveillance Technologies

  • Uncooled and Cooled Thermal Night Vision Cameras
  • EMCCD Long Range Visible Light Night Vision
  • Very Long Range Laser Infrared Illuminating Cameras
  • Hybrid, dual Thermal/IR/Visible Cameras

Intelligent Video Analytics

  • Perimeter Intrusion
  • Subject Identification and classification

Perimeter Intrusion Technologies

  • Buried Perimeter Intrusion Detection Cables
  • Perimeter Infrared Fence
  • Electromagnetic Perimeter Detectors
  • Fixed and Continuous Scan Ground Radar Detection

Rapid Deployment Surveillance Solutions

  • Mobile Rapid Deployment Systems
  • Rapid Deployment DVR Kits
  • Mobile Video Surveillance

Remote Deployment Security Solutions

  • Long Distance Security Tower Systems
  • Remote Deployment, Self-contained Security