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Quality Control & Assurance

At Aventura “quality control” is at the core of all services and products delivered to the client and the mantra of our employee body. In manufacturing and design we apply well known business process management methodologies. In project management our applications are similar whereby project managers and project teams inspect the accomplished work to ensure its’ alignment with the project scope and customer expectations.

Aventura undertakes to assign the quality of the delivered solution to everyone involved with the project. The premise is to meet or exceed objectives by implementing a practice of extensive customer involvement, strategic planning, process management, clear and concise information and feedback, cross-functional product design and a buy in from the ranks.

Application of defined processes achieves a stable and predictable result of measured success. Our ultimate goal over the long term is sustainable quality by using verifiable data rather than guesswork or assumptions. Continue to build from a knowledge base and apply the lessons learned to growth and improvement.