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Aventura has been providing effective solutions for all forms of transportation of various sizes. Both wayside and mobile applications are addressed by Aventura audio, video, storage and information systems. From system edge to the head-end, Aventura provides persistent surveillance and manageability. Using cutting-edge analytic technology, situations may be addressed that humans are incapable of detecting. The result is a system that allows for critical and responsive decision making on both a real time and retrospective basis.

All forms of transportation face the same challenges including bus and subway systems, airports, seaports and terminals. Crowded public spaces are targets for potential terrorist attacks, crime and accidents. The goal is identifying suspicious behavior or dangerous conditions before they escalate.

Visual observation is a key for safety in a public transportation environment protecting both passengers and staff. The mere presence of an “eyes-on” solution is a significant deterrent and result in minimized acts of crime. While there are always concerns about budgetary constraints for technology expenditures these can be offset by reduced costs for damages to equipment caused by vandals. The financial impacts can be further devastated in the unfortunate catastrophic event. While physical security is useful it is not a panacea especially when attempting to protect large areas or numerous vehicles.

Aventura Vehicle Video and Security Systems include:

  • Ruggedized, H.264 Mobile DVR Systems
  • Secure, Lockable, Portable Video Storage
  • In-Vehicle Cameras and Sensors
  • GPS, Accelerometer and Vehicle Sensors
  • Efficient Video Storage
  • Vehicle Event Tagging
  • Live E-map
  • Wireless Video Downloads
  • Operator Panic Alarm
  • Central Management and Storage
  • Control Room Servers and Video Command Center