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Waist High Tripod Turnstiles & Their Features

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Tripod turnstiles are the most common and known design. The tripod (3-arms) articulates in a circular rotation in a single or bi-directional manner. A manual version, requires the person to push on one of the tripod arms to initiate the rotation and are free flow.  Semi-automatic and automatic versions have the turnstile locked and requires engagement by an access control system or remote operators pushing a release button.

Tripod turnstiles are known for their ability to effectively address crowd control.  Tripod turnstiles are most often seen in public transportation, entertainment venues and locations which are subject to high volume and potentially abusive environments. As they are for the most part stainless steel through and through there is little to break.

With respect to its ruggedness what sets Aventura tripod turnstiles apart can be summed up in one word; quality. The security industry’s most durable MTBF ratings by utilizing marine grade stainless steel and brushless motor assemblies. The turnstiles are complimented with state-of-the-art controller technology with optional biometrics.  Add to the high quality offering the most generous product warranties and you can understand why Aventura is the fastest growing turnstile manufacturer in the USA.