Main Features

  • Designed for safe and intuitive long term use
  • Single passage control
  • Easy installation and maintainenance
  • Easily integrates with existing security system


The Apertus™ turnstiles are made with high quality components. Many of the turnstile’s internal parts are stainless steel. The turnstile arms rotate smoothly and self-center when returning to the home position. The turnstile does not have visible bolts or fasteners, which makes the turnstile better looking. It also improves security and safety.


Dimensions 480 × 280 × 980mm
Unlock Time 0.2 sec
Passage Width ≤ 550mm
Throughput Rate 35 p/m
Power Supply 100~240v
Operational voltage 24 v
Max Power Consumption 30 w
Frequency 50~60hz
Protection IP44
Working Temperature -25° to 70° C
Electro Magnetic Drive DC
Weight 70 kg
Input 12v dry contact
Part Number TS-FH-121